The Association is a non-patrimonial, non-governmental, apolitical and independent organization, with a deep cultural and educational purpose. The aim of its activities is to ensure the coordination of the "Cluj-Napoca 2021 - European Capital of Culture" project. In this respect it will ensure all the necessary actions for the preparation of the documentation for the application and will make all the efforts to achieve its objective.

More specifically, the Association will work on developing the program of the Capital, will plan its events and will put in place all necessary measures to carry it out, ensuring the fundraising, implementation and promotion activities. The Association will work on the support and development of cultural activities for the community even after 2021.


The objectives established to meet the achievement of the Association’s mission and goals are:

a) Preparing the "Cluj – Napoca - European Capital of Culture" Programme;

b) Planning of the events within this Programme;

c) Organizing activities to promote the Programme in the media, enclosing media partnerships in order to present the projects of the Association and to support and promote its activities;

d) Ensuring the implementation of the necessary measures for the "Cluj – Napoca - European Capital of Culture" Programme by organizing symposiums, festivals, sports competitions and so on;

e) Coordinating the support building activities for all the stakeholders and promoting the image of the project in the country and abroad;

f) Contributing to the fundraising activities necessary for the organization of various events under the "Cluj – Napoca - European Capital of Culture" Programme;

g) Promoting and carrying out the cooperation with associations and clubs to support the Programme;

h) After 2021, the Association will support and develop cultural activities for the community