Bid Book Cluj-Napoca 2021

Bid Book Cluj-Napoca 2021


We have decided to publish the application form of Cluj-Napoca because we believe that all those concerned should have the possibility to consult this document.

The decision to publish the application form comes as a natural consequence of how transparent is our process in building this candidature. Thus, all our steps and actions can be found on our website, in the documents and reports sections: the cultural strategy, the creative industries strategy, the concept of the candidature, the programme lines, the flagship projects and the budgetary projections.

In addition, this decision is considered a good case practice – in accordance with the frequently asked questions section from the website created by the Ministry of Culture for this competition (question no. 17).

According to the cultural programme and the philosophy of this competition, we have proposed a portfolio of new projects based on the ideas received the Cluj community. Due to the limited number of pages, only eleven of the cultural and artistic traditions taking place in our city were included in the application – as illustrative examples that prove the cultural potential, the European dimension, the audience involvement in Cluj-Napoca.   Obviously, all the other 1,500 ongoing initiatives, festivals and artistic activities will find their place in the cultural programme of Cluj-Napoca 2021 European Capital of Culture project.